Why is the Tire Light on?  

Why Is Your Tire Light On

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System, or TPMS, is one of your warning lights on your dashboard. The intent of the light is to tell you if your tires are getting low, and need attention. A good rule to follow is to keep a tire pressure gauge in your vehicle, and check your tires if the sensors indicate you have a problem. You will want to compare these to the PSI indicated on the door panel of your driver or passenger side door.

Here are some reasons why your check tire light is on:

    • Big Changes in Weather Temps

Cold weather can cause the pressure in your tires to decrease. That’s because cold air is more dense, and occupies less space than warm air. If you live in a cold climate you will often have to add some air to your tires in the winter, and drain a little when the temperatures warm up. Just check them periodically to make sure they are properly inflated.

    • Your Tire is Leaking

Another common scenario is that you do have a leak in your tire. If you think that you have a leak in your tire we suggest that you bring it in to get serviced. Repair shops can find the whole, and often repair it for you - assuming it is in an area that can be repaired.

If your tire pressure light does come on we suggest that you give it a visual inspection to see how inflated it is. If it very low, it is likely a leak. In this case you will want to use your best judgement if it is able to be driven on.

If it is flat you will want to either change the tire or call a tow truck. Do not drive on a flat tire.

If it is just slightly low, but still obviously low, and you are close to a repair shop, you may be able to get your car there quick enough. Just be careful, and make sure that it isn’t getting too low. If it does get too low you will want to either change the tire or call a tow truck.

If it isn’t obviously low, but a pressure gauge indicates that it is low, you will want to bring it someplace to get some air put in. You can either bring it to a repair shop that would gladly do it for you, or bring it to a gas station to put it in yourself. You will then want to monitor the pressure for the next few days to see if it goes down at all. If it does you will want to bring it it to fix a leak.